Physiotherapy Treatments and Prices

At Wetherby Physiotherapy we pride ourselves on our friendly and welcoming approach. For someone attending our clinic for the first time it can be daunting, and so it can be helpful to know what to expect.

On your first visit we will obtain your personal details and a comprehensive history of your complaint. If necessary this may include a request for details of any investigations you may have had, i.e. blood tests, MRI scans or X-Rays.

You will be assessed and treated on your first visit and will be provided with a diagnosis, advice and probably a home exercise regime. On-going sessions may be necessary.

Treatment will always involve hands-on therapy but this could take a variety of forms. It may include mobilisations, manipulation or manual therapy to help relieve pain and stiffness.

Treatment may also include electrotherapy, i.e. laser, ultra-sound or interferential therapy, or acupuncture or therapeutic taping. We also provide massage.

To summarise you can expect:

  1. A diagnosis
  2. Pain reduction/alleviation
  3. Treatment delivery

We provide treatments for the young and old and everyone in-bet ween.

Types of Treatment may include:

  • Electrotherapy, e.g. Ultrasound, Laser Therapy, Muscle Stimulation. We include the use of electrotherapy to aid natural healing and to promote pain relief
  • Manual Therapy, e.g Manipulation, Mobilisation, Massage or Manual Traction
  • Exercise Therapy, e.g Specific exercises designed to improve Posture, Balance, Co-ordination and Strength
  • Pilates, We are skilled in the highly specialise form of clinical Pilates
  • Sports Massage, this improves the healing of soft tissue, reduces muscle stiffness and pain and encourages flexibility

Our Prices

Treatment cost – £60.00

Home treatment – £90.00

Acupuncture – £60.00

If acupuncture is provided during a physiotherapy session to enhance the treatment outcome no extra cost will be incurred. All prices are for 30 minute sessions.

Rehabilitation Suite-Available to all our clients.

The suite has proved a success with patients who are motivated to become fitter before surgery as well as providing the conditioning and confidence to get back into exercise following surgery. A number of our clients who are sports active are now regular users of the suite, particularly runners, cyclists, skiers and golfers.