Physiotherapy Treatments and Prices

  • On the first visit we will obtain personal details and a comprehensive history of the complaint.
  • You will be assessed and treated provided with a diagnosis, advice and home exercises.
  • On-going sessions may be necessary.
  • Treatment will always involve hands-on therapy.
  • Treatment may also include electrotherapy – laser, ultra-sound or interferential therapy.

Our Prices

Treatment cost – £60.00

Home treatment – £90.00

Acupuncture – £60.00

Types of Treatment may include:

  • Electrotherapy, e.g. Ultrasound, Laser Therapy, Muscle Stimulation. We include the use of electrotherapy to aid natural healing and to promote pain relief
  • Manual Therapy, e.g Manipulation, Mobilisation, Massage or Manual Traction
  • Exercise Therapy, e.g Specific exercises designed to improve Posture, Balance, Co-ordination and Strength
  • Pilates, We are skilled in the highly specialise form of clinical Pilates
  • Sports Massage, this improves the healing of soft tissue, reduces muscle stiffness and pain and encourages flexibility

If acupuncture is provided during a physiotherapy session to enhance the treatment outcome no extra cost will be incurred. All prices are for 30 minute sessions.

Rehabilitation Suite-Available to all our clients.

The suite has proved a success with patients who are motivated to become fitter before surgery as well as providing the conditioning and confidence to get back into exercise following surgery. A number of our clients who are sports active are now regular users of the suite, particularly runners, cyclists, skiers and golfers.